60% of the people are seriously worried about hygiene during their in-store shopping. 85% of them takes precautions on their own initiative*

Waste caused by COVID-19 is a new form of environmental pollution that need to be addressed

Retailers invest serious time and money in cleaning their shopping carts

The current situation is very confusing as most shoppers are in doubt if carts are cleaned or that they have to do this themselves

Consumers do not like to clean their own carts as they then still have to touch the disinfection flacon

Even after COVID-19 several hygiene measures will be in place for a very long time or even permanent


Patented solution

EU model subscription

Give people the hygiene solution in their own hands

Everybody gets his own handles that are cleaned at home and can be used on practically all shopping carts, baskets and can be used to open fridge doors and more




1. Fits like a glove on 98% of all shopping carts

2. Hygienic

3. Easy to clean

4. Fully covers the shopping cart handles

5. Restores trust

6. Durable

7. Reusable and your property

8. CGRIPP™ suits to your own shop entrance tempo and satisfaction


1. Reduces waste, valuable time and energy

2. Available from the beginning of July 2020

3. Possible to brand with Pantone colours and logo

4. Recycle options available


We desire sustainability

In practice